Etc. -- 1919 S.S. No. 14 Charlotteville School Report (b) 
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A lightly edited compiled transcription of a list of students in a page 4 article in the 
10 Jul 1919 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.
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previous issue's list]

S.S. No. 14 Charlotteville 
Promotion Examinations 
Teacher: C. J. Palmer.

Clayton Barber
Emma Earls
Frank Earls
Mary Earls
Mildred Earls
Ruth Earls
Walter Earls
Tena Easton
Wilfred Easton
Gladys Mattice

Mamie Moore
Margaret Partridge
Mildred Partridge
Ada Pepper
Sylvia Pepper
Homer Pettit
Hazel Pursley
James Pursley
John Pursley
Marvyn Wilson

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