Etc. -- 1919 S.S. 11 Charlotteville public school pupils
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An edited compiled transcription of a list of students in a page 3 article in the 11 Dec 1919 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

S.S. No. 11 Charlotteville
Teacher: A. L. McKee.

Edith Barker
Gladys Barker
Leslie Barker
Herb Beagle
Isobel Boughner
M. Boughner
Ralph Boughner
Florence Brown
George Caldwell
Edna Card
Nora Card
Norman Card
Bruce Collver
Gladys Collver
Lewis Collver
Annie Colwell
Mary Colwell
Sam Colwell
Agnes Coombs
John Coombs
Hazel Ferris
Kenneth Guiler
Bertha Hutchinson
Grant Hutchinson
Mark Ilton
Hazel Jones
Eric Kemp
Fred Laing
Kenneth Lloyd
Stella Lloyd
Pearl Mayo
Violet Mayo
Aubrey Murphy
Velma Murphy
Howard Pow
Lela Rogers
Marvin Rogers
Howard Rutherford
Maida Rutherford
Mildred Saul
Flossie Sloat
Iva Sloat
Lena Sloat
Clendon Spencer
Graham Spencer
Helen Spencer
Ross Spencer
William Spencer
Edna Smith
Mina Wood

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