Etc. -- 1919 best oats
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A lightly-edited transcription of a page 2 article in the 6 Jan 1958 issue of the Simcoe Reformer.  

J. D. Freeman grows best oats

Prize Winners in the 
Standing Field Crop Competition 
of the Norfolk County Fair.

Mr. A. J. Thompson of the Ontario Department of Agriculture was here on Monday and Tuesday, visiting the 12 oat fields entered in the competition held by the County Fair Board.

Mr. Thompson reported that this years' weather conditions has militated very greatly against good spring crops -- the result being percentage showings much below the average.

Mr. Thompson's estimates divided the prize money as follows:

J. D. Freeman of Windham, 86 points
Percy Potts of Woodhouse, 84 points
Herbert Downing of Windham, 76 points
Wm. Mason of Townsend, 74 points
Erwin Leedham of Charlotteville, 70 points.
Wm. Budd of Charlotteville, 69 points.

Mr. Thompson said A. H. Smith's field would have been easily in the money, had he not been compelled to cut it before inspection.

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