Etc. -- Alfred VanLoon married Rhoda Nelles in 1868
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A lightly edited transcription of a page 1 article in the 25 Jan 1928 Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

Celebrate Diamond Wedding Anniversary

Mr. amd Mrs. A. H. Van Loon celebrated with their children on Saturday, 21 Jan 1928, their diamond wedding, [the previous] Sunday being the anniversary 
of their 60 years of married life. They were married in Port Dover on 15 Jan 1868 by the Rev. Mr. Ware. 

Mr. and Mrs. VanLoon descend from two of the pioneer families of Norfolk. Alfred Van Loon was a son 
of the late Rev. Jacob Van Loon. Rhoda M. Nelles was a daughter of the late Joseph Nelles and granddaughter of the late Dr. David Duncombe.

Mr. Van Loon was by occupation a farmer and resided for 50 years on the farm in Townsend where his son Nelles Van Loon now lives.

He recalls the time when he drove oxen and cradled grain. He also cleared 100 acres of forest.

Mr. and Mrs. Van Loon were blessed with seven children, all of whom are living except one daughter who died at the age of seven weeks. This is the only death that has occurred in the family during a period of 60 years.

The children living are: --
Mrs. James Baird of Boston Ont., Nelles of Townsend, 
Mrs. W. L. Silverthorne of St. Thomas, 
Charles of Brantford, Mrs. Lloyd Erwin of Tyrrell, and 
Roy of Detroit.

They also have eight grandchildren and two 

In March, Mr. Van Loon will celebrate his 81st birthday and Mrs. Van Loon her 77th. Both are enjoying very good health.

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