Etc. -- D. Y. Triller's 1901 obituary
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A lightly edited partial transcription of the Boston column on page 8 of the 26 Sep 1901 issue of the Waterford Star newspaper.

Another old resident has passed away in the person of D. Y. Tryller [sic], at the age of 81.

He and his wife have made their home for some years past, with their adopted daughter, Mrs. Alex. Nelles, and a few weeks ago they left on an extended visit to Georgetown and other places.

He had not been in the best of health and on Saturday as he was walking on the street in Georgetown he fell and when aid reached him it was found that he was dead, heart failure being the cause.

He was buried in that place on Monday.

Deceased was a very peaceable, quiet, good natured man was liked by all; and we shall miss him in and around the village.

His beloved wife has our deepest sympathy and may she trust in Providence who will both comfort and sustain her in her remaining days of widowhood.

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