Etc. -- Ruggles M. Stiles' 1912 obituary
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A lightly edited transcription of a page 10 article in the 22 Aug 1912 Simcoe Reformer.

The Late Ruggles Stiles

Much sympathy is felt for Mrs. Ruggles Stiles in the very sudden death of Mr. Stiles last Friday night.

While sitting at the table, eating a hearty supper after a hard day's work, Mr. Stiles was seized with agonizing pain. Medical assistance was called in, but in spite of all that could be done for him, he died at 12 o'clock.

Mr. Stiles was born in Brooklyn, Mich., in 1846, and was therefore in his 66th year. He was twice married, Mrs. Della Ryan (formerly Miss Della Bingleman of Walsh) being his second wife. They were united in matrimony in 1897, and since that time lived in Buffalo for five years and Simcoe for nine years. Deceased was a Methodist.

Mr. Stiles is survived by his second wife and two children by his first wife, a son and daughter, Mrs. Barstow of Brooklyn, Michigan.

The funeral services took place on Monday afternoon, Rev. Mr. Libby of Brantford, a former pastor, having charge. Mrs. Liddy sang very feelingly, "Never Lose Sight of Jesus." Interment was made in Oakwood Cemetery.

Among the relatives attending the funeral might be mentioned Mrs. Geo. Elder of Detroit, 
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Nisely of Buffalo, 
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Bingleman of Walsh, 
Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Bingleman of Walsh, 
Mr. and Mrs. Barstow of Brooklyn.

The floral tributes were very handsome. Wreaths were sent by the Christian Brotherhood, the members of the Simcoe branch of the W.C.T.U., and Mrs. Charles Jones; a spray by Mrs. Barstow, and a pillow by the family of 
Mr. C. A. Chadwick.


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