Etc. -- Frederick Courtney Selous' 1917 death
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A lightly edited transcription of a page 7 article in the 11 Jan 1917 Simcoe Reformer.

Capt. Selous Killed
Author & Hunter Loses His Life
in East Africa

London, Jan. 7 -- Captain Frederick Courteney Selous, author and hunter, who accompanied U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt on his hunting expedition in 1909, has been killed in action in East Africa.

Selous had world-wide fame as an African big game hunter and explorer.

He was born in London, England in 1851. At 20, he left for South Africa, and from 1872 to 1890 traveled continually all over Central Africa, making a living by elephant hunting and the collection of specimens.

He next guided a pioneer expedition into Mashonaland [Zimbabwe]. In 1892 he returned from England to take part in the Matabele war. He had resided in Africa ever since, and volunteered for service with the Legion of Frontiersmen. He was the author of several books.

A sister, Mrs. Selous-Hodges, lived in Simcoe for a few years, returning to England after the outbreak of the war.

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