Etc. -- Thomas C. Savage wed Martha A. Christie
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A lightly edited page 1 article from the 17 May 1900 issue of the Waterford Star newspaper.


Two of Waterford's most popular young people, 
T. C. Savage and Miss Martha Christie, were 
married on Wednesday evening of last week 
at the residence of the bride's father, 
Mr. E. G. Christie, by Rev. F. C. Elliott.

The wedding took place some two weeks sooner 
than intended, on account of the illness of the 
bride's mother. 

When all hope of Mrs. Christie's recovery was 
given up, it was the wish of the family that 
the marriage should take place before the 
mother passed away.

What otherwise would have been a happy event 
was been saddened by the death of the mother, 
but as the sunshine follows the cloud, we hope 
that the young couple may long be spared to live 
together and that their lives may be filled with 


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