Etc. -- Miss Maggie Sampson's 1917 obituary and death registration
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Our original transcript of this obituary erronously transcribed the deceased's surname as Simpson, not Sampson.

Site visitor and genealogy researcher Wayne Jackson of Ottawa found her death registration which correctly identified her.

Wayne then went further. Using the data provided by Maggie's death registration, he cobbled together this Sampson family timeline.

A lightly edited transcription of a page 1 article in the 27 Dec 1917 Waterford Star newspaper

Frozen to Death

Simcoe -- 19 Dec 1917 -- Miss Maggie [Sampson], an aged woman, living alone in a small house, 10 miles south of here, near Normandale, and concerning whom or her relatives little or nothing is known; was found frozen to death in the snow near her home.

She had been to Normandale to make some purchases and started for home on foot, in a snowstorm and the bitter cold.

Marks in the snow, where she was found would indicate that she had wandered about as if bewildered and had fallen in the snow two or three time before collapsing.

It is understood that she left considerable money in the bank.


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