Etc. -- Elsie Ryerse wed John W. Messecar in 1901
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A lightly edited transcription of a page 1 article in the 12 Sep 1901 Waterford Star newspaper.

A Pretty Wedding.

"Pleasant Vale," the beautiful country home of Mr. Geo. Ryerse of Marburg, was most tastily decorated upon the occasion of the marriage of his daughter, Miss Elsie, to 
J. W. Messecar, M.D., of Mille Roches, on Wednesday, the 28th ult.

After the guests had assembled, the beautiful strains of Mendelsohn's wedding march were wafted through the capacious parlor under the artistic touch of the sister of the bride, Mrs. Lemon, and immediately at stroke of eleven the bride came, resting on the arm of her father, into the chamber that was honored by the ceremony.

Most beautiful indeed, she appeared as she met the groom beneath the foral arch, in her delicate and becoming attire of white organdie, and a picture long to be remembered was the happy pair that stood the spirits of the green ferns and floral banks that garnished the well-furnished room.

The groom was attended by his brother, 
Mr. Lyman Messecar of Toledo, Ohio. 
The bridesmaid, Miss Minerva Ryerse, made a dainty and harmonizing picture with the bridal pair. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Wm. Pugsley of 
Port Dover. -- Com.

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