Etc. -- Reginald Rice's 1917 obituary
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A lightly edited transcript of a page 1 article in the 30 Aug 1917 Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

reginald rice killed 
by m.c.r. mail train

Stepped aside when whistle blown, 
but did not get clear of the tracks.

When No. 2 Michigan Central mail train was running east between Waterford and Townsend Centre, at 4:30 p.m., Saturday, Engineer Ballantyne saw a man walking on the tracks ahead of him, and he at once whistled and applied the brakes. 

The man stepped off, but not far enough, the engine striking him and killing him instantly. He proved to be Reginald Rice, aged 17, son of William G. Rice, a well-known farmer at Townsend Centre.

The dead boy has worked in Simcoe quite a bit. Last spring he tried to enlist, but was rejected as too young. This summer he had been employed by the sewer contractors.

Saturday afternoon he took the L. E. and N. to Waterford and was walking home on the track to spend Sunday with his parents.

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