Etc. -- Miss F. Maude Price's 1917 two obituaries
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A lightly edited transcript of a page 1 article in the 23 Aug 1917 Simcoe Reformer.

The Late Maude Price

St. Williams and the surrounding community have been called to sorrow through the death of Miss Maude Price, daughter of the late A. Wesley Price.

The widowed mother, Mrs. H. M. Price, two sisters, Mrs. Bruce Huyck of St. Williams, and Stewart Price of Glenside, Sask., have the deepest sympathy of the whole community; but as we extend to them the hand of sympathy, we feel also that ours too is a great loss.

Miss Price had been principal of the St. Williams public school since 1 Jan 1914. Prior to taking this position she taught in the junior division of the school, also at "The Union," Unger's and Allanburg.

She was forced to quit teaching at noon, 8 Jan 1917. Her health had been failing for about two years. The direct cause of death was a stroke.

Always faithful in the discharge of her duties, she was an inspiration to her pupils and was a living example of the truest and noblest in young womanhood.

The letters from former pupils telling of lives moulded, faults conquered, and characters strengthened, received by Miss Price during her last illness all bear testimony to her sterling qualities.

She was one of the most successful teachers in Norfolk, was held in very high esteem by her fellow teachers who honored her only a few years ago by electing her president of the Norfolk Teachers' Institute.

She united with the Methodist Church early in life, was a consistent, strong supported of all that was best in the neighborhood, most energetic in patriotic work, and through her example and strong leadership every pupil in the public school became most enthusiastic.

As long as health would permit, her spare hours were spent in knitting for the soldiers, her ambition being to remember with a pair of sox of her own knitting each of her former pupils now with the overseas forces.

The funeral was conducted by the Rev. A. J. Crighton of Paisley, assisted by Rev. J. A. Jewitt of Port Rowan. The text was I. Cor.15:22. Mrs. A. A. Ferris, a former pupil, sang a solo, "The Way I Take."

The floral tributes were many and beautiful: [from]
The Family
Pupils and ex-pupils
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Price
Mr. and Mrs. Hanson Ferris
Women's Institute
Arthur and Vernon Ferris
Mrs. W. McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Percy Price
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fick
Mrs. Esli Woodward
Miss Melinda Price
Mrs. James Price
Mrs. Jessie Johnson
Madeline Woodward
Capt. and Mrs. Price and Miss Martin
Mrs. J. L. Helmer
Mrs. W. Helmer
Mrs. Lee Brandow
Mrs. Ed. Hathway, and
Betty Dryborough. 


A lightly edited partial transcript of the St. Williams column on page 3 of the 23 Aug 1917 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper

The death of Miss Maude Price, which occurred on Thursday, 16 Aug 1917, causes a feeling of sorrow to pass over this entire community. 

She was the daughter of the late A. W. Price and was born here on the old homestead 43 years ago.

She attended schools here and in Simcoe, and early in life decided on teaching as a profession.

Through her ability and energy to back it up, she soon became qualified and after some experience she was engaged in 1898 to teach the lower division of our school, and soon advanced to the upper division, which she taught continuously up to the beginning of 1917, with the exception of three years' absence. She was classed among the best teachers of the county.

Several members of the teaching profession attended her funeral: public school inspector H. Frank Cook, 
H. S. Macpherson, principal of Simcoe Public School, Miss McKim of Lynedoch, Miss Foster of Port Rowan, and others.

Early in life she united with the Methodist church and was not satisfied to merely have her name on the church roll, but was prepared to work and always gave liberally of her means toward the support of the minister and the different funds of the church, the missionary and educational funds receiving her special attention.

The funeral service was conducted by Rev. A. J. Crighton, one of her former ministers, who was assisted by 
Rev. J. A. Jewitt, on Sunday, 19 Aug 1917 at 2.30 p.m. and burial took place in St. Williams Cemetery.

Deceased leaves to mourn her loss her mother, Mrs. Mary Price, two brothers, Bertram and Stewart, and two sisters, Mrs. Bruce Kuyck and Mrs. Arthur Spera, who have the sincere sympathy of the people of this community.


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