Etc. -- E. A. Pratt's welcome home
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A lightly edited transcription of a page 9 article in the 27 Feb 1919 issue of the Simcoe Reformer.

Given Hearty Welcome

On Wednesday, 12 Feb 1919, several hundred citizens of Courtland and neighborhood met in the basement of the Methodist church to give a welcome to Sergt Major E. A. Pratt and his English bride.

There was a good program by the young people, after which the adults presented the young couple with a handsome dresser, wash stand, rocking chair, a dozen knifes and forks, a set of silver teaspoons, sugar spoon, butter knife and several work tools.

The young people presented Mrs. Pratt with a shower of over 100 articles, amongst which were several valuable pieces of silverware.

Needless to say, Mr. and Mrs. Pratt were very much surprised, especially the latter, who did not understand the way Canadians give their showers.

The very pleasant evening ended with a coffee supper.

Mr. Pratt has bought the farm from his father adjoining his and will reside there.

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