Etc. -- Harry Parker's 1917 obituary
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A lightly edited transcript of a page 1 article in the 7 Jun 1917 Simcoe Reformer.

well Known g.t.r. brakeman killed
Harry Parker of Port Rowan 
run over by his own train 
and dies of injuries

A lamentable accident happened in the G.T.R. yards near Union Street here on Tuesday just before eleven o'clock, which resulted in a very well-known and popular G.T.R. employee losing his life.

The victim was Mr. H. H. Parker of Port Rowan, who was formerly conductor of the branch train, but who, since the reduction in service had been braking.

He was standing on the top of a freight car, very close to the opening between it and another car. 

According to they story of an eye-witness of the accident, the locomotive of the north freight was proceeding to move the three freights, on one of which Parker was standing from the rear to the front of the train. 

In coupling to them Parker appeared to be jostled and seemed to make a grab as if to catch a brake wheel. Instead he lost his balance and fell between two cars.

He struck his head violently against the further car and must have been seriously injured from that impact. He body crashed on to the ground and four wheels passed over it, crushing both legs between the torso and knees.

A nurse and doctor were summoned and as quickly as a locomotive ever made the trip the unfortunate man was rushed to the hospital at Woodstock. He was, however two severely injured and he breathed his last a few minutes after three p.m., just about the time his grief stricken wife was leaving the Simcoe station to go to him.

Mr. Parker came to the South Norfolk run about 15 years ago. He was [36] years of age. His widow was, before her marriage, Miss Leota Ellis, daughter of the late Joseph Ellis of Port Rowan. There survive him three daughters, girls of varying ages from [10] to [14].

The funeral to Bayview Cemetery will take place tomorrow (Friday) at 1:30 p.m. The body was taken to Port Rowan on the noon train yesterday. The Masonic fraterity is in charge.

A coroner's jury, was empanelled at Woodstock and viewed the remains. An adjournment was then made until Friday evening, when the evidence will be taken.

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