Etc. -- Anna Murray's 1901 farewell
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A lightly edited partial transcription of the Round Plains column on page 8 of the 19 Sep 1901 issue of the Waterford Star newspaper.

Over 50 of the friends of Miss Anna Murray made her a surprise party on Wednesday evening.

She had been taken away visiting one of her friends, and on returning was astonished to find her home lighted up and filled with her neighbors and tables spread for tea.

Mr. Cecil Langs read the following address and Mrs. Oden Serles presented the purse.

Miss Anna Murray.
Dear and Respected Friend -- It is with feelings of regret that your many friends in this community have learned that you are about to leave this, the home of your childhood and youth, and take up your abode in a distant land.

We deeply sympathize with you in your recent bereavement, caused by the death of your aged parents, which renders such a change of location necessary for yourself; and we know that while you may  grieve and mourn their absence, yet you have no cause of regret on your part, for certainly never were parents more tenderly watched and cared for by the loving consecrated hands of their children that yours were by you.

As a citizen of this neighborhood and a public servant as postmistress in this place you have honorably and faithfully discharged the arduous duties in connection therewith, often at great self sacrifice and self denial in order to accommodate the inhabitants of this vacinity.

We cannot let you go away without expressing our thanks to you for the many kindnesses received at your hands, and we ask you to accept this purse of money as a slight token of our esteem and we hope and pray that you may have a safe journey and that Providence will bless you in your new home.

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