Etc. -- Henry Milkins' sad decline and Correction
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A lightly edited partial transcript of a column on page 7 of the 25 Oct 1917 Simcoe Reformer.

A very old resident of Simcoe, in the person of Mr. Henry Mulkins, was removed this week under orders of a magistrate, to Hamilton Asylum, having been certified by the medical authorities as suffering from senile dementia of a violent character.

Mr. Mulkins was a son of Thomas Mulkins, who was a merchant here in the village days of Simcoe, and became its postmaster in the forties of last century.

In the days of Hon. John Rolph's candidatures in Norfolk, when Baldwin and La Fontane ruled Canada, 
Thomas Mulkins was the head of the Reform organization in this county.

On his death, his son Henry succeeded him as postmaster, and held the office for 55 years. Nine years ago he resigned and was succeeded by Mr. A. G. Rose.

Mr. Mulkins is at least 85 years of age. That his long life and many years of useful service should close in loneliness and distress is all very sad.


A transcription of an item on page 7 of the 22 Nov 1917 Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

"In the notice of the death of the late Henry Mulkins, Esq., published in a recent issue of The Reformer, his age was given as 87. His brother, Mr. W. H. Mulkins of Toronto, writes asking us to make a correction in this particular. The late Mr. Mulkins was 82, his brother says. The age given in this paper was supplied by the undertaker."

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