Etc. -- Miss Nellie Mudge's 1917 obituary
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A lightly edited patial transcript of the Brandy Creek column on page 7 of the 27 Sep 1917 issie of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

A gloom was cast over the community on Tuesday when 
it was learned that death had claimed a resident of Windham in the person of Miss Nellie Mudge.

Miss Mudge was in her usual health until midnight Saturday, when she was seized with severe pain in the stomach, followed by vomiting. 

Dr. Zumstein and Dr. Tisdale of Dehli were called at once, and late Dr. Hicks of Brantford operated, in the hope of saving the patient's life, but death ensued on Tuesday, at the age of 45 years.

The late Miss Mudge was a woman who held the respect of all who knew her, and will be greatly missed by many warm friends in the neighborhood.

The funeral took place on Friday from her late residence to Windham. Services were conducted by Rev. Hurlbut 
of Delhi. Six lady friends of the deceased acted as pall bearers.

Miss Mudge is survived by the following sisters and brothers: 
Mrs. Kelly of Hamilton, Mrs. Whitrock of Blandford, 
Mrs. J. W. Broughton, Mr. J. Mudge of Delhi, 
Mr. C. Mudge of Innerkip, Mr. O. Mudge of Burford, 
Mr. F. Mudge of Tain, and William and Ollie at home.

The floral tributes were very beautiful, consisting of tokens from the family and numerous friends. The sympathy of the community is extended to the bereaved.

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