Etc. -- South Walsingham's Board of Health 1916 report
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A lightly edited partial transcription of a page 8 article in the 4 Jan 1917 Simcoe Reformer.

Township of South Walsingham
Report of the Chairman of the 
Local Board of Health for 1916

Upon the recommendation of Reeve Joseph Cridland, Council has paid during the year for the care of indigent sick as follows:
       Geo. Beckett's child $28.50
       Nurse for Chester Moore 31. 15
       Jim Cope 2.00
       Herb Winkworth 30.00

The payment of another considerable bill for medical care of the Geo. Beckett child was refused upon the ground that Beckett was able to pay the account himself.

In the case of Chester Moore, he and four of his children were so sick that it became necessary for Dr. W. A. Boddy to call a nurse from Toronto.

After Moore's death it developed that his widow had no available funds with which to pay the nurse, and she, having been called by the township's physician, looked to him for payment.

The money $35.15, was advanced and the Reeve filed the township's claim against the Moore estate; the township's claim being that while current liabilities and liens were likely to absorb much of his personal property, a substantial equity in real estate, and to the extent, in final settlement, that assets exceeded liabilities.

Moore was not an indigent and could not rightfully claim assistance from the township. His immediate care was necessary and the township advanced the nurse's charges with the right to reimbursement.

How much of the $35.15 will be refunded depends upon the percentage the estate will ultimately pay out.

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