Etc. -- Elias F. Messecar's 1917 obituaries
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A lightly edited transcription of a page 1 article from 27 Dec 1917 issue of Waterford Star newspaper. 

Died Suddenly

Mr. Elias F. Messecar, a respected farmer of Townsend, died suddenly on Monday night. 

He has been a sufferer with asthma for years. 
He visited a doctor in Brantford on Saturday, who advised him to go home and rest and keep quiet.

He leaves a mother, Mrs. Aaron Messecar of Brantford; a widow and one young son, Alfred; five sisters: 
Mrs. Davis of Bealton, Mrs. Wicks of Brantford, 
Mrs. Marsaw of Burford, Mrs. Smith and 
Miss Nora of Brantford; and two brothers: 
John of Bealton and David S. of Townsend.

Deceased was born in Windham Centre, but lived most of his life in Townsend.

The funeral will be held this afternoon.

A lightly edited partial transcript of the Waterford column on page 8 of the 3 Jan 1918 issue of Simcoe Reformer.

Sudden Death

Mr. Elias Messecar, 59, lived about three miles northeast of Waterford. On Monday he and Mrs. Messecar were preparing for Christmas, as they intended having company.

That evening Mr. Messecar was lying on the lounge while Mrs. Messecar completed arrangements for the following day. When it came time to retire Mr. Messecar rose to go and fell dead.

This was a great blow to Mrs. Messecar, who almost collapsed.

The deceased had been a hard working man all his life, and had been for years troubled with asthma, but was apparently as well as usual up to the moment of his passing hence.

He leaves a sorrowing mother, Mrs. Aaron Messecar in Brantford; a widow; one young son, Alfred; five sisters: Mrs. Davis of Bealton, Mrs. Marsaw of Burford, Mrs. Wicks, Mrs. Smith and Miss Nora of Brantford, and two brothers: John of Bealton and David of Townsend.

The funeral took place at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday. Interment in Greenwood Cemetery. 

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