Etc. -- Harriet McNabb weds Wm. G. Kelly
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A lightly edited partial page 7 article in the 17 Apr 1919 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

April Weddings


The marriage of Wm. G. Kelly, son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. A. [Kelly] of Glen Meyer, and Miss Harriet Olive McNabb, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert McNabb, was quietly celebrated at the home of the bride in Tillsonburg on Wednesday of last week.

The ceremony was performed by Rev. T. H. Bole in the presence of only the immediate relatives.

The bride was supported by Miss Florence Palmer, while the groom was assisted by his brother, Culver Kelly. The bride's brother, Stanley arrived home from France on the noon train in time for the ceremony.

After the wedding breakfast had been partaken of, the young couple left for Detroit, where they will spend a short honeymoon.

Many beautiful and useful gifts testified to the esteem in which the bridge and groom were held by their friends.

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