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A lightly edited transcription of a page 2 article from the 19 Feb 1925 Waterford Star newspaper.

Townsend Township Boy 
Gets Recognition

The New York Journal of 9 Feb. carried on the front page a gravure of a plaster bust of Abraham Lincoln by
Dr. Arkell Roger McMichael. 

The title reads: "Dr. A. R. McMichael, seventy years of age, of 376 Park Avenue, a practicing physician for the last forty years, never had an art lesson in his life, yet  between tennis games last summer he proven himself a sculptor by completing the plaster bust from which this striking bronze of the martyred President was cast. The study is Dr. McMichael's first attempt at sculpture."

Dr, McMichael is a son of the late Jacob McMichael and spent his boyhood days on the old homestead about three miles north of Boston.

Although it is probably fifty years since Dr. McMichael left the old home we are sure that there is ever that fond recollection of the many happy youthful days spent in old Townsend, because he is a subscriber to his old home town paper, The Star.

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