Etc. -- Squire McMahon's 1910 obituary
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A lightly edited transcript of an article on page 1 of the 1 Sep 1910 issue of Waterford Star.
[Compiler's Comment: "Squire" McMahon is assumed to refer to Michael McMahon, the only apparent match in other Norfolk records.]

The Late Squire McMahon

Delhi Reporter. -- Squire McMahon died at his home in Windham on Saturday, 20 Aug 1910 and was buried at LaSalette on Tuesday.

Deceased was the last old pioneer of this section of Windham. He was an Irishman, came to this country over 50 years ago, and has cleared off several farms in that part of the township.

For the past two years, deceased has not enjoyed good health, and although he has passed the 80 mile post he was hale and happy up to this time.

Perhaps no man who ever lived in this township was more widely and favorably known. He never forgot the hospitality of a pioneer, and was always willing to help anyone who he chanced to meet.

As a businessman, the late gentleman was exceptionally thrifty.

The remains were laid to rest in the LaSalette cemetery on Tuesday, and service was held in the church there. 

This was the largest attended funeral that has taken place near here for some time. From the hearse to the last carriage it was over a mile. This alone signified the high respect the many friends held for their late friend.

He is survived by a widow and two sons.


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