Etc. -- The Case of Wm. McKnight's bear
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A lightly edited page 1 article in 18 Jul 1901 issue of the Waterford Star newspaper.

A Bear Hunt in Charlotteville.

Reformer -- On the evening of 18 Jun 1901, Mr. Thomas Marsh was driving past the Glenshee school house when he saw a strange animal. On going over to see what it was, the animal skinned up a tree and snarled at him.

Marsh got a gun and returned with two companions. None of them cared to climb the tree to capture the animal alive, so it was decided to shoot it, which was done.

On inspecting the carcass it proved to be that of a bear cub. 

It seems the cub had been sent from Manitoba to Wm. McKnight, Esq., a few days before and not liking captivity the bear cub had escaped.

Mr. McKnight laid information before Squire Murphy at Carholme, charging Marsh with willfully killing the bear.

The case was tried at Carholme on Saturday when his Worship decided that the killing was not willful and dismissed the case.

County Crown Attorney Slaght prosecuted and W. E. Tisdale defended.

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