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A lightly edited transcription of a page 7 article published in the 
19 Jul 1917 Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

Dr. W. M. McGuire and family
have moved to Simcoe

Dr. W. M. McGuire and family will be finished moving to Simcoe this week and residents of Waterford regret very much to lose them as citizens.

The doctor's first move was to his "Gore View Farm," a mile south of Waterford, where he has lived for years. 
He has sold the farm and purchased a fine new home in Simcoe. His department from Waterford has been so gradual that we still feel he and his family are with us.

Dr. McGuire was born in Halton County in 1863. 
He received the first part of his education at the public school in Stewarttown and at the age of 14 started lumbering and farming.

By studying nights he passed the entrance at 20 years of age. In two winters at the Collingwood Collegiate he secured his third and second class certificates, afterwards attending the model school at Milton.

He taught three years in the Township of Trafalgar. 
In 1890 he entered the study of dentistry and graduated in 1893, with the degree of L.D.S. from the Royal College of Dental Surgeons and the degree of D.D.S. from Trinity University.

The doctor purchased the dental practice of the late Dr. Samuel Cunningham and located in Waterford in April 1893.

That the doctor took a great interest in everything pertaining to the interests of the community in which he lived is evinced by the number of offices [he] held.

In 1896 he was the Conservative candidate, running against the late John Charlton in the Dominion election. He was again [sic] in the provincial elections of 1911, against Col. T. R. Atkinson.

He has been warden of Trinity Church for 18 years; president of the Townsend Fall Fair for 11 years; secretary-treasurer of the Waterford Public School Board 12 years, and served two years in the village council.

In the line of sports he took an active interest in baseball, football, tennis and bowling, and was the official umpire of hundreds of games of baseball in Norfolk County.

For a number of years he owned Hillhead Stock Farm and afterwards purchased Gore View Fruit Farm. He was also a lover of horses and has exhibited at Toronto, Galt and local fairs.

In February 1914 he was appointed Registrar of Norfolk County, which has occasioned his removal to Simcoe.

Mrs. McGuire and Miss Bigger will be much missed by their many friends in this place and especially by the members of Trinity Church, where they were always active workers in every department of the church. 
-- Waterford Star.

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