Etc. -- Mrs. McDonald settles for $1300 (2 articles)
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A lightly edited news report on page 11 of the 3 Apr 1919 Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

Chief Justice Mulock last week at Osgoode Hall ratified the payment of $1300 to Mrs. Mary McDonald of Windham Township in settlement of her action against the estate of Rev. P. Corcorant, once parish priest at LaSalette, to recover $6,000 arrears of wages.

Mrs. McDonald, the niece of Father Corcaran, claimed that she had acted as housekeeper for him for 12 years 
on the understanding that she should be recompensed 
in his will.

After his death it was found that he had failed to remember Mrs. McDonald. This action was therefore brought.

Mrs. McDonald accepted $1300 as to establish her claim to $6,000 it would have been necessary to take evidence on commission in Ireland.


A lightly edited partial transcription of the LaSalette column on page 10 of the 10 Apr 1919 
Simcoe Reformer

Mrs. Mary McDonald of this place has accepted $1300 in settlement of her claim of $6000 against the estate of Rev. P. Corocran, who was pastor of this village several years ago.

The many friends of Mrs. McDonald, who know the circumstances, consider the amount very inadequate to the services rendered, considering the amount of the estate.


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