Etc. -- A. L. McCrimmon visits
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A lightly edited transcript of a page 12 item in the 31 May 1917 
Simcoe Reformer.

Chancellor A. L. McCrimmon

Chancellor McCrimmon of McMaster, Toronto, visited Delhi on 20 May 1917 and preached anniversary services for the Baptist people of that village.

The Methodist Church, being the largest building in town, was loaned for the occasion, and packed by an audience anxious to hear a Delhi "old boy" who has become a national figure.

Abraham Lincoln McCrimmon, to give the Chancellor his full name, was born in Delhi 52 years ago. He is a son of Norfolk of whom not only Delhi, but the county may well be proud.

And he showed his good judgment in choosing his life's companion from among Norfolk's fair daughters. 
Mrs. McCrimmon's father was the late Henry W. Anderson of South Walsingham, in his time one of the leading men of the county.

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