Etc. -- Richards saves King from drowning
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A transcription of a page 1 article in the 6 Sep 1917 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

A Brave Boy

Mr. S. L. King's family were summering at Normandale, and they had as a visitor Ted Richards, son of 
Mr. A. J. Richards of the Dominion Canners.

One day Ted, aged 11, and Otto King, aged 8, went for a walk along the beach toward Turkey Point. They met two Ferris boys, aged 8 and 11 respectively, paddling in a very small skiff. They joined them in the boat upon invitation to do so.

Very soon young King wanted to paddle and stood up to change his seat. The result was a capsized boat and four little lads struggling in deep water.

The three who could swim started for shore. 
Otto could not swim and called for help. 
Richard at once turned back to assit him, 
with the result that he was grabbed convulsively 
by King, and both went down.

Luckily, when they came up the boat had come to the surface and was close to them. 

Richards got his drowning companion to it and both clumg on until Will Shaver, who lives near, swam out 
and pushed boat and boys to shallow water.

Young Richards is deserving of the greatest praise for 
he put himself in imminent danger and was 
unquestionably the direct cause of saving a human life.

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