Etc. -- John Hill's 1919 obituary
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A lightly edited partial transcription of the Items of Interest column on page 16 of the 30 Jan 1919 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

Another aged resident of Simcoe in the person of Mr. John Hill has been called home, his death taking place on Tuesday morning.

Some six or seven weeks ago he suffered a stroke and since that time has been cared for at the home of Mr. Joseph Church of Woodhouse.

Deceased, who was in his 83rd year, came to Simcoe in the 1880s when his 
brother-in-law, Rev. Mr. Croll was minister of St. Paul's Church.

After the Croll family removed from Simcoe, Mr. Hill remained here, carrying on a livery business until a few years ago when advancing age made it impossible to look after the business.

For 25 years he has driven the hearse for Mr. Joseph Coates, the undertaker, and it was at Mr. Coates' home last evening at 8.30 that the funeral service was held, 
Rev. Mr. Fulton and Rev. Mr. Dey being 
in charge.

Mr. Coates left on the early train with the body for Innerkip, Mr. Hill's early home, where his parents are buried.

Both Rev. Mr. Croll and Mrs. Croll are dead long since, but a younger brother, an invalid, who lives in Woodstock, survives.

Mr. Hill has been a member of the choir of St. Paul's for many years, and his cheerful personality will be greatly missed by his friends in that church.

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