Etc. -- Charles Haviland family injuries
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Lightly edited transcriptions of two items in the Boston column on page 8 of the 12 Sep 1901 issue of the Waterford Star newspaper.


Mrs. Charles Haviland of this place met with a quite serious accident on Saturday evening last, which came very near ending her life.

Mr. Haviland had been at the Pan American and Mrs. Haviland had started to meet him at Waterford.

She had only gone a short distance when as she supposed, the horse was stung with a bee and started to run.

She stuck to him the best she could until near the cheese factory at the village, when the horse became unmanageable, running into the fence, demolishing the buggy, and throwing Mrs. Haviland out a distance of some 14 feet.

She laid unconscious for some time and was taken into the home of Mrs. Schwalm, where she was cared for. Dr. Snider of Waterford was sent for and upon examination found no bones broken but that she was badly bruised.

That even she was taken to her home and we are glad to say is doing as well as can be expected.

----- -----

It seems as though Charles Haviland is having a streak of bad luck as both his sons got hurt on Sunday night.

Orton sprained his ankle, but not enough to lay him up.

His younger son, Clayton, and some other boys were on their way from church and when in front of J. B. Johnson's residence, he and Frank Johnson had a scuffle, during which Clayton fell, breaking one of the bones in his arm and dislocating his elbow.

He was taken into Mr. Johnson's, and he thinking it best, brought him to Waterford. Dr. Snider and Bowlby set the arm after which he was removed to his home. He will be laid up for some time. 

Mr. Haviland has the sympathy of the neighborhood in his several afflictions.


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