Etc. -- Charles Harrison wed Marion Yonson in 1877
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A lightly edited transcription of a page 2 article in the 18 Mar 1937 Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

Norfolk Couple 
60 years wed

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harrison 
now live at Wheatley

Mrs. Lewis Walsh and Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Pond are leaving for Wheatley to attend the 60th wedding celebration of the former's uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harrison, which is taking place on Saturday.

Mrs. Walsh's uncle, Mr. James Youson ot Toronto, formerly of Simcoe, is joining the party here and will go to Wheatley with it, as one of the guests at the gala affair.

Mr. Harrison was born in this district, and lived in 
St. Williams for many years. William Harrison 
of that village was a brother, and  Lorne S. Harrison 
is a nephew.

Mrs. Harrison is a native of Forestville, a daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. George Yonson of Forestivlle, and 
Mrs. Walsh is the daughter of Mrs. Price, a sister of Mrs. Harrison.

Mrs. George Hardcastle of Chatham is also a niece and expects to attend the anniversary.

The bride and groom of 20 Mar 1877 were married in Norfolk, and lived here for a number of years, later going to the south-western part of the Province.

They have three sons, two in Windsor, and one in Whitcourt, Alberta, all of whom will be in Wheatley for the occasion.

Mrs. Hare, Colborne Street, Simcoe is a sister of Mr. Harrison, and may possibly be able to attend the party.


[Compiler's Comment: Lewis Walsh and C. LeRoy Pond married sisters, daughters of George W. Price and Sarah M. Yonson.]

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