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A lightly edited transcription of a page 1 article in the 3 Oct 1901 Waterford Star newspaper.

Mr. H. H. Groff has received official information of his winnings at the Pan American.

There were 15 sections in the Gladiolus class. Mr. Groff competed in 13 of these and won 13 first prizes.

He was also awarded a gold medal for the general excellence of his exhibit. The Society of American Florists gave him a certificate of merit and the Buffalo Florist Club awarded him a fine trophy.

The Florist Exchange of New York recently said of Mr. Groff's exhibit: "Unquestionably in extent, quality and variety, this exhibit exceeds anything ever seen in this country; some assert that it leads anything known anywhere."

A lightly edited transcription of a page 1 article in the 5 Sep 1901 Waterford Star newspaper.

Mr. Groff at Pan

The Buffalo News contains the following complimentary remarks regarding Mr. H. H. Groff's exhibit at the Pan American: --

"Attention of all flowers is called to the extraordinary fine exhibit of the gladiolus now being held in the Horticultural building at the north Conservatory at the Pan-American.

"There are several extensive exhibits, but by far the largest exhibit is by H. H. Groff, a banker, who for the past 20 years has been making the gladiolus his specialty.

"He has crossed several types and produced varieties that now surpass anything known in this country or Europe.

"He planted specially for the Pan-American 100,800 bulbs, and there is daily an exhibit of 10,000 stalks by this gentleman alone.

"It is within bounds to say that in quantity and quality it is the finest display of gladiolus ever seen in this country and it excels in quality anything previously shown in the world.

"Mr. Groff cultivates 10 acres in Simcoe, Ontario, and his associate, Arthur Cowee of Berlin, N.Y., also grows for him 28 acres."


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