Etc. -- Richard Fry's 1900 death and aftermath (2 articles)
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A lightly edited transcription of a page 1 article in the 5 Apr 1900 issue of the Waterford Star.

Overcome By The Flames

Simcoe Ont., 2 Apr 1900 -- Early Sunday morning a fatal accident occurred at Lynn Valley, about two miles from here.

Mr. Richard Fry, generally known as George Fry, got up and lit the kitchen fire and then went out to do the chores. Upon returning he noticed the kitchen chimney on fire, and at once went to work trying to subdue the flames. 

They proved too much for him and his daughter seeing this, tried to persuade him to desist. He refused, and fought the flames for some time longer when he found it useless to do any more.

He then ran upstairs to secure what money, insurance papers and other valuables he could, but whether he ever reached them will never be known. He was found after the fire in the middle of the room with arms, legs and head all severed and nothing but a charred trunk remaining.

The deceased was about 68 years of age and a native of Sussex, England. The only other occupants of the house were his daughter, Miss Annie Fry, and his brother-in-law, Mr. Ades.

There was some small insurance on the house, but the amount could not be learned. Everything is a total wreck.   


A lightly edited partial transcription of an item on page 1 article of the 26 Apr 1900 issue of the Waterford Star newspaper.

Miss Fry of Lynn Valley purchased a house from Reynard Potts to replace the one recently burned and in which her father lost his life.

Twenty of the farmers in the neighborhood turned out with their teams, and moved the house to her property, so that she will have a home.

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