Etc. -- Helen (Austin) Foster's 1919 obituary
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A lightly edited page 1 article from the 6 Feb 1919 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

Death of Mrs. Foster

After only two weeks in California where she had gone to live with her son, Mrs. W. O. Foster died suddenly on Tuesday evening.

While taking a walk late Tuesday afternoon at San Dimas, the home of her son Herbert, she was stricken with heart failure and in spite of all efforts, she passed away two hours later.

The funeral is taking place at San Dimas this afternoon.

Many years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Foster lived in Simcoe. Later they removed to St. Thomas, where Mr. Foster carried on business as a druggist for many years.

Owing to ill health, he closed up his business connection a few months since, and Mr. and Mrs. Foster went to California to spend their remaining years.

Six children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Foster, of whom two, Herbert, of the Californian Citrus Co., San Dimas, Cal., and Orville, of St. Catharines, are survivors. 
A son, George, was killed in action in France two years ago this coming March, Charles and Lawrence lie buried in St. Thomas, and Hattie, who died many years ago in Simcoe, is buried in Oakwood.

Mrs. Foster, was Helen Austin, the elder daughter of the late Jonathan Austin and Harriett Beemer. 
Her eldest brother, James, died a year ago. 
She was one of 10 children, of whom the youngest is Charles A. Austin of Simcoe, now the only surviving member of the large family born to Mr. and Mrs. Austin.

Mrs. Foster was here visiting her brother Charles only a short time ago, previous to her departure for California, and looked in good health then. Her sudden death comes as a shock to her many friends.

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