Etc. -- Orin England crushed to death, 1917
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A lightly edited transcription of a page 2 article in the 3 May 1917 Simcoe Reformer.

Young Lad Killed

The friends of Mr. and Mrs. T. Edmon England of Woodhouse have been greatly grieved over the sad accident that has deprived Mr. and Mrs. England of a dear young son, who was just entering his 12th year.

The lad, Orrin [sic] England, has attended Shand's school house, where a new school building has recently been erected. The old school house was in process of demolition, but no workmen were about at the time.

In pursuit of a lost ball he went into the shell of the old school, when almost instantly it fell down upon him, crushing his young life out.

Two sisters and a brother, all older, survive. 

An inquest is to be held this afternoon by Coroner Richardson.

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