Etc. -- Cunningham and Travender killed, 1918
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A lightly edited transcript of a item on page 1 of the 17 Jan 1918 issue of Waterford Star. A near identical article appeared on page 1 of the 17 Jan 1918 Simcoe Reformer.

Two Waterford Boys Killed

St. Thomas, Jan. 15. -- Ed. Cunningham and George Tavenver [sic], sectionmen, both of Waterford, were killed instantly, and several other men were badly injured when a large Russell snowplow clearing the tracks of the Michigan Central Railway on the St. Clair branch, east of Alvinston, at 4.50 this afternoon went all to pieces, buckled up and fell over on its side, with the three engines crowding upon it from behind.

A train which had been stalled in the drift since Saturday had been released and the eight foot drift was being cleared, when the accident occurred -- the snowplow riding upon the drift and then toppling over.

The sectionman who were killed and injured were riding inside the plow, and the work of rescuing them was very difficult. When the injured men were taken out they were pleased on a special train and brought to St. Thomas for treatment, reaching here about 11 o'clock.

Two other men were severely injured: George Stickles of Waterford has a fractured kneecap, and H. E. Polson [sic], brakeman of St. Thomas, has a cut on the head. Both are in hospital here. J. E. Johnson the division engineer and Roadmaster Wagner, for of St. Thomas, were slightly injured.

The body of Tavender was brought here, and that of Cunningham is held at Alvinston for the inquest.

(Ed. Cunningham is a son of John Cunningham of this place, and is not not yet 15 years old. Fred Tavender is a brother of Mrs. Cunningham. George Stickles is a son of Wm. Stickles. H. E. Poulson [sic] married Miss Jean Holmes of this place a frew months ago.)

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