Etc. -- Peter Culp & Susanna Pettit married 50 years
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TA lightly edited transcription of a page 11 article in the 13 Sep 1917 Simcoe Reformer.

Golden Wedding of Guysboro Pair

Mr. and Mrs. Culp of Guysboro celebrated the golden anniversary of their marriage on 1 Sep 1917 when about 60 of their family and friends gathered at their home to offer congratulations. 

All the children were present except Mrs. Bert Travis of Texas, also all  their grandchildren but those living in Texas and Miss Irene Coomber of Toronto.

Mr. and Mrs. Culp received many costly and beautiful presents. The children gave them a clock with chimes and a gold-headed ebony cane. The grandchildren gave their grandfather gold initialed cuff button and their grandmother a gold brooch. Mr. Culp gave his bride of 50 years a gold watch and chain.

An address was read by Rev. Mr. Fagan of Starffordville [sic], and Mr. and Mrs. Culp responded, expressing gratitude for the love and esteem which prompted the gifts. Speeches were made by several old friends and schoolmates.

Mrs. H. G. Coomber and Mrs. P. Culp gave words of welcome to the guests. Guests were present from Toronto, London, Salford, Tillsonburg, Eden, Straffordville, Maple Grove, Port Burwell, Kinglake and Guysboro.

Mr. Culp was born on the farm on which he lives 73 years ago. Mrs. Culp was born in Windham, 6[5] years ago, her maiden name being Pettit. They were married at Vienna, by Rev. Mr. Terwilliger, 1 Sep 1867.

Six children blessed their union. The eldest daughter died when four years old. The other daughters are Mrs. M. A. Travis of Collegeport, Texas; Mrs. H. C. Coomber of Toronto and Mrs. Frank Travis of Eden. The sons are H. W. Culp of the Forge road and Reuben Culp, who lives with his parents. There are 16 grandchildren.

Mr. and Mrs. Culp are valued members of the Methodist Church at Guysboro.


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