Etc. -- Mr. & Mrs. Fred Clark married 56 years
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A transcription of a page 15 article in the 11 Aug 1949 Simcoe Reformer.

Will Mark 56th Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Clark of Simcoe and Port Ryerse will celebrate their 56th wedding anniversary on Saturday 13 Aug 1949. They are spending the summer at Port Ryerse.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Clark were born in London, England and were married there on 13 Aug 1893. They came to Canada in 1912 and settled in Hamilton, moving in 1919 to Simcoe, where they have since resided. Mr. Clark is 74 and his wife 73.

The couple has one son, 
Rev. Fred Clark of Kinde, Mich.,
and four daughters, Mrs. N. Havens of Simcoe, 
Mrs. F. J. Campbell of RR6 Brantford, 
Mrs. H. Mozon of Janetville, and Mrs. F. J. Andrews of Simcoe. There are also 19 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Clark

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