Etc. -- Z. W. Camfield descendants picnic, 1901 
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A lightly edited transcription of a page 1 article in the 4 Jul 1901 issue of the Waterford Star.

A Family Picnic

On Wednesday, 26 Jun 1901, a gathering of the children and grandchildren of the late Rev. Zita W. Camfield and their friends and acquaintances took place in Green's woods, near the Waterford station.

A splendid repast of strawberries and cream and all the delicacies, even to buttermilk, were served up twice during the day.

Old friendships were renewed and new ones formed and the day was joyfully spent in visiting and relating reminiscences of by-gone days.

Among those present were:

  • Mrs. Jas. A. Townsend of Circularville
  • Mrs. Ansel Smith and grandson Floyd Smith
  • Mr. and Mrs. Monous Osterhout,
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward Chapple of Belding, Michigan
  • Mr. and Mrs. Delos Camfield of Windham Centre
  • Mrs. Wm. Holmes of Selkirk
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilcox and son George
    Mr. and Mrs. Wm. C. Wilcox and daughter Floss 
    of Brantford
  • Rev. and Mrs. B. W. Merrill of Guelph
  • Mrs. and Mrs. W. W. Pegg and daughter Beatrice of Round Plains
  • Rev. W. H. Haviland, daughter Mrs. C. Wymer and her daughter Miss Maud Wymer of Waterford
  • Mr. Jas. O. Townsend, sons George, John, Henry
    Mrs. Slaght of Round Plains
  • Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Woodley,
    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Nelles of Boston
  • Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Messecar and daughter and granddaughter
  • Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Green, daughters Vera and Iola, and sons Vernon and Lloyd of Teeterville.

Letters of congratulations were received from:

  • Mr. S. H. Camfield of Cornell
  • Mr. Bradford Camfield, 
    Mr. Wm. Canfield of Benton Harbor, Michigan
  • Mrs. S. S. H. Smiley of St. Thomas.

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