Etc. -- high school teacher Ward Butcher's appeal
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The following is our partial summary of an article on page 1 of the 27 Dec 1917 issue of Simcoe Reformer newspaper  

At a special meeting of the Board of Education on Thursday evening, the Board's solicitor, F. E. Curtis, was authorized to attend the Military Appeal Court in order to request exemption from military service until 1 Jul 1918, of Mr. Butcher, and take such action as he may deem necessary therefore.

The following is an edited partial, abridged transcription of an article on page 1 of the 10 Jan 1918 issue of Simcoe Reformer newspaper  

The matter of Ward Butcher's Exemption

The secretary was asked to report on exemption from military service of Mr. Ward Butcher. He replied that he had attended the sitting of the court and after being well mauled over, was requested to send up the management committee for an interview.

Mr. Innes, the chairman added that it looked at first as if the whole committee would have to go and fight and that the judge remarked they should have been advertising for a teacher right along, taking it for granted that no exemption would be allowed. "We did well in getting three months."

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