Etc. -- Mrs. Russell Milne Brown's 1917 reception
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A lightly edited partial transcription of a page 7 column in the 25 Oct 1917 Simcoe Reformer.

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Milne Browne have gone to their home in Toronto after a short visit here with 
Mrs. Browne's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Culver Bowlby.

On Wednesday afternoon, 17 Oct 1917, a reception was held in Mrs. Browne's honor at the beautiful old Colonial home of her aunt, Miss Erie Bowlby, which was once the home of her great-grandfather.

Mrs. Browne and Miss Bowlby received together, the bride wearing a dainty frock of georgette crepe with blue trimmings. 

The house was effectively decorated with autumn colors and as the afternoon was somewhat chilly a cheery fire burned on the hearth. Mrs. Culver Bowlby presided at the tastefully arranged tea-table. Guests numbered about 50.

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