Etc. -- Miss Mattie Brown found dead
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A lightly edited page 8 article in 18 Jul 1901 issue of the Waterford Star newspaper.

Takes Laudanum.

Utica, N.Y., 10 Jul 1901 -- A young woman came to this city, registered at a small hotel as Ida St. George, New York, and retired to her room.

The next day she was found dead, having taken laudanum.

There was nothing by which she could be identified. It is now discovered that she is Miss Mattie Brown of Simcoe, Ont., who has been teaching in the public schools [sic] at Port Rowan, Ont., for  the last 18 months.

She left in her room a letter containing her resignation for the staff of teachers, but gave no reason for her strange course.

She was a woman of high character and her acquaintances and relatives are unable to explain the mystery of her sudden departure.


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