Etc. -- Dufferin Bowbeer's 1901 obituary
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A lightly edited transcription of a page 1 article in the 19 Sep 1901 Waterford Star newspaper.

Dufferin Bowbeer Dead.

Brantford, 13 Sep 1901 -- There passed away last night at his parents' home on Dalhousie Street, Dufferin Bowbeer, youngest and only living son of James and Mary Bowbeer.

"Duff" as he was familiarly called, had just recently finished his studies at the College of Pharmacy in Toronto, securing his diploma with highest honors.

Undoubtedly the strain of college life was too much for a constitution never rugged, hence after an illness of about six weeks, he succumbed.

During the last two weeks he appeared to rally, and his ultimate recovery seemed possible. He was particularly bright during the last day of his life, sitting up and talking cheerfully with his friends.

Shortly after retiring he was taken with an acute attack and succumbed in half an hour.

[Mr. Bowbeer was a former resident of this place.]

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