Etc. -- 1901 Boughner Picnic
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A lightly edited transcription of a page 1 article in the 5 Sep 1901 Waterford Star newspaper, reprinted from the Port Dover Maple Leaf newspaper.

2500 at Boughner Picnic

Maple Leaf -- Last Saturday the Boughner family of Norfolk held their great annual picnic at Orchard Beach. Member of the family came from all parts and "everybody" was invited.

The appearance of the town and of the park made it quite evident that the family had rather extensive connections and that invitation to come was pretty well accepted.

All roads seemed to lead to Port Dover on that day. From as early as seven in the morning, buggies and carriages -- some of them elegant turnouts -- were on the road and they kept coming, regular processions of them, till late in the afternoon.

They were filled with as joyous and happy looking a lot of respectable people as could be found anywhere, bent on pleasure and having a good time generally.

They had it. The Park was soon filled. Many long tables, very long ones indeed, were soon laden with such delicious viands and generous in quantity as the good people of Norfolk know how to provide.

Others, who could not find room at the tables, went off here and there in cool but cosy nooks and corners, and had their own banquet with their own friends.

The Port Dover Band discoursed sweet music all day to appreciative listeners. The ice cream and soft drink stands as well as the melon and the candy men did a roaring business. Boating and bathing were also indulged in, and some stayed for the dance in the evening in the pavilion.


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