Etc. -- Rev. J. Parker Bell's 1918 obituary
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A lightly edited transcription of a page 1 article in the 24 Jan 1918 Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

Sudden Death of Rev. J. Parker Bell

Rev. J. Parker Bell died very suddenly at his residence on Norfolk Street in Simcoe, at an early hour on Monday morning, 21 Jan 1918, in his 76th year.

Mr. Bell was born in York County in the year 1843. He was one of a family of 11 children, eight of whom survive.

He was educated at Toronto Normal School with a view to teaching but felt called to the ministry and entered the Methodist Church as a probationer in the year 1865. He had therefore been more than 52 years a minister of the Methodist church, stationed on the following circuits: Otterville, Delhi, Old Windham, Caistorville, Binbrook, Fenwick and Bridgeburg.

He was married in 1868 to Sarah Taylor of Stratford, who was in every way a faithful and efficient helpmate until the time of her death in the year 1902. 

His wife's death was a sore bereavement to him, and being affected with deafness, he felt he could not continue in the active work of the ministry. He was superannuated at the following Conference. Since then he has supplied various circuits.

He finally decided to make his home in Simcoe, and removed here with his daughter four years ago. During his residence here he has taken a deep interest in the work of the church and greatly endeared himself to the members of the congregation.

As a preacher Mr. Bell was animated, attractive and practical. As a pastor he was kind and sympathetic and greatly beloved in all his fields of labor.

He is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Thornton of Simcoe.

The funeral services were held Wednesday, 23 Jan 1918. After a short service at the home, a public service was conducted in the Methodist Church. Rev. J.A. McLachlan, president of the Hamilton Conference, preached. After singing and prayer led by Rev. Dr. Dey, tributes to the memory of the deceased were paid by Rev. Boyd of Ridgeway, Rev. Bradshaw of Galt and Rev. J.H. McBain.

The resident ministers attended the funeral, also several ministers of the Hamilton Conference, testifying to the esteem in which the deceased was held.

The remains were borne to their last resting place by six of deceased's brother ministers, and interment took place at Oakwood Cemetery.

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