Etc. -- Ada May (Barron) Cameron's 1906 obituary
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A transcription of a page 1 article in the 13 Apr 1906 Simcoe Reformer.
[Paragraph breaks inserted by the transcriber]

Mrs. Cameron Gone

Mrs. Robert Cameron died at her home in Houghton, near Clear Creek on Monday morning, another victim of the white plague, against which she fought with courage and determination for many months.

She was a bright young woman happily married to a kind husband, and the mother of one child. Life had a bright outlook for her, but she was forced to give it up. Last summer she went with Mr. Cameron to the Canadian Northwest, but the trip did not do her any good.

She was a daughter of Mr. John Barron, one of the most respect men in this part of Houghton. The funeral was held on Wednesday morning, the burial taking place in the cemetery at Cultus. The bereaved husband and relatives have the sympathy of the entire neighborhood.

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