Etc. -- W. J. Anderson family's 1925 farewell
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A lightly edited transcription of a page 4 article in the Wilsonville column of the 15 Jan 1925 Waterford Star.

About sixty friends gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. 
W. J. Anderson and son Harold, in a farewell surprise 
as they intend moving near Rockford very soon. They formerly lived on the farm west of the village, and a few years in Brantford, and about 10 years in Wilsonville.

The evening was spent in the usual way. A few men took the stand and their remarks were directly relative to domestic affairs.

When quite young, Will and Ada came to Canada from England, and both located just west of this place.

Will's voyage to this country was somewhat different from the present. Forty or 50 years ago it occupied about three times as long on the ocean, and then the amusing trip was his expedition from Waterford across the county to the Brooks' homestead at this place. It was equally bewildering and took as long as it does now to go from Waterford to Hamilton. 

Mrs. Anderson was actively interested in church work and likewise in the Epworth League, and while we realize the departure of this energetic family, just as surely will Rockford people realize the presence and the social intercourse in a more complete degree that expressed here.

During the evening the ladies were as usual, mindful of the men and their particular need, by serving a splendid lunch, and toward the close singing "Blest Be the Tie that Binds." The wish of continued good health and prosperity accompany this family to their new home.

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