Etc. -- C. Anderson's 1901 obituary
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A lightly edited transcription of a page 1 article in the 24 Oct 1901 issue of the Waterford Star.

Port Dover Man Killed.

Whitby, 17 Oct 1901 -- Death in an especially shocking form came last night to a young man of the G.T.R. tracks to and a half miles west of this town.

The dead man's name was C. Anderson and he came from Port Dover, as was discovered from a letter found in his pocket.

He was one of the constructing gang at work on the new double tracking between here and Pickering.

The deceased, in company with two comrades, had visited Whitby early in the evening to make some purchases, and about 10 o'clock started back for the camp where the men are lodged by the railway.

He complained of being tired when half the distance had been covered, and told his companions to go on, as he was going to sit down and rest. They did so, and that was the last time he was seen alive.

This morning his lifeless body was found near the tracks, having been run over by a passing train and terribly mangled. 
The train completely cut off one of his legs at the thigh.

The presumption is that he had proceeded to the tracks and again sat down to rest, and had fallen asleep, never to awaken.

Coroner Carson and High Constable Calverly have taken change of the remains pending the return of County Crown Attorney Farewell, K.C., but it is not thought an inquest will be considered necessary.

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