Etc. -- John S. Abel wed Mary Lemon in 1890
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A lightly edited transcription of a pages 1 and 8 article in the 8 Apr 1940 Simcoe Reformer.

Couple wed 50 years
Mr. and Mrs. John Abel 
of Silver Hill will 
observe anniversary Monday

An occasion of importance in the lives of Mr. and Mrs. John S. Abel of Silver Hill will be quietly celebrated tomorrow at their home on Concession 10 of North Walsingham.

Fifty years ago, on 9 Apr 1890, Mr. and Mrs. Abel were married at the Lynedoch Presbyterian Church Manse, the officiating minister being Rev. James Hamilton.

They began their married lives on the farm now occupied by them, upon which Mr. Abel's parents, the late John and Jessie (Coutts) Abel settled upon arriving in this country from Aberdeen, Scotland.

The groom of half a century ago will be 76 years of age on the 31 May 1940, and with the exception of a few years spent as a carpenter in Norwich and some time in British Columbia, Mr. Abel has spent his entire existence on the homestead.

He has for many years been a Justice of the Peace, and is known among his neighbors as "Squire" Abel.

Mrs. Abel was born in Tyrrell on 30 May 1869, one of the 12 children of the late Alanson Lemon and Anne Austin, the family later moving to Silver Hill. Mrs. (Mary) Abel, Mrs. Arthur (Bertha) Smith, and Mr. Clarence Lemon are the only survivors of this large family.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Abel have natural music ability, which has been exercised greatly in connection with their church activities. 

The former with his violin has figured largely in church functions, and Mrs. Abel as church organist and choir singing of three decades has also assisted as such numerous times in the local church as well as those of neighboring districts. 

A member of the Presbyterian Church for many years, in 1925 she became member of the United Church of Canada.

To them were born three children, all living in Simcoe: Jessie, Mrs. O. W. Terry, Olive, Mrs. C. W. Bowyer, and Miss Bertha Abel. They have two [grandchildren] Billy J. and Mary [I..] Bowyer.

[Compiler's Comments: Other historical records document additional children. The United Church of Canada was formed in 1925 via the Union of some Presbyterian and some Methodist congregations.

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