Etc. -- Two 1917 Waterford area deaths
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An edited partial transcription of a page 2 Waterford column in 1 Mar 1917 Simcoe Reformer.

It is our painful duty to record the death of two 
more of our citizens. 

At his home at Bealton, on Sunday, 25 Feb 1917, 
there died Sylvester Slaght, in his 76th year. The 
deceased was a well-known and highly respected 
citizen at that neighborhood for many years.

He is survived by by a sorrowing widow, one son, William, on the homestead, and three daughters, 
Mrs. H. Barber of Saskatchewan, 
Mrs. R. Y. Parmer of Townsend, and 
Mrs. S. [Goodale] of Teeterville, 
to whom the sincere sympathy of their 
many friends is extended.

Mrs. Slaght is a sister of Mrs. Thomas Anderson 
of Waterford.


On Saturday night, when about to retire, 
Mrs. Hannah Cunliffe [sic], aged 70 years, collapsed 
and expired almost instantly, and without being 
able even to speak.

Although the deceased had, for a long time been 
failing in health, owing to diabetes, she did not 
seem to be any worse of late. 

The funeral took place at Teeterville. 

Mrs. Cunliffe was a member of the Waterford Baptist Church and when able was a faithful attendant.

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