Etc. -- 1919 Windham Township Officials
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Compiler's Comment: The following is not a transcription. Rather it is an alphabetically 
re-sequenced list of names in an article on page 2 of the 23 Jan 1919 Simcoe Reformer. 

Windham Council

The council-elect for 1919 met as per statute, 13 Jan 1919, H. McKnight, clerk. 

The following gentlemen were seated:
S. J. Crane, Deputy Reeve
Sam Disbrow, councillor
John Hyndman, councillor
John Macklem, Reeve
Fred R. Woolley, councillor.

F. Stevens, collector was relieved of the over-collections.

W. H. Bartholomew, auditor
Dr. J. C. Bell, board of health
A. E. Culver, assessor
Thomas Hambly, auditor
J. H. Marcel, assessor.

Accounts paid:
S. J. Crane, work on Creek R.D.
W. E. Darling, grant
H. S. Morgan, nails
Hospital for Sick Kids, Toronto
H. McKnight, bond renewal
F. Stevens, collecting taxes
F. H. Woolley, labor
Dr. E. W. Zumstein, Randell & Rose families

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